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Giorgaros Fishing Tours Santorini​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Authentic Greek Experience

While in Santorini, we had the pleasure to meet and experience a Fishing tour by ”Giorgaros Fishing Tour Santorini” company, based in Vlychada area, on the spectacular island of Santorini.

Travel in Greece supports alternative tourism and we believe in innovative businesses which provide a special service to visitors from around the world, combining tradition and technology.

Anthi (the owner & the captain of Giorgaros Fishing Tours), gave us an interview about her job and we thank her for the great moments throughout our daily trip with her boat!

We truly recommend Giorgaros Santorini Fishing Tours as an alternative, authentic supplement on your vacation on Santorini island.


Travel in Greece: Giorgaros Fishing Tours is no doubt an innovative business in the tourism services in Santorini. How did this idea of fishing tours started?

Anthi: I was working as a waitress at my family’s restaurant, for 16 years actually, when I realized that the tourists who were visiting our restaurant, were very much interested in the fresh fish we were bringing every day with our fishing boat and many of them expressed the desire to come on board with us and see the whole experience at first hand, and how the traditional fishing was done.

Until 2015 there wasn’t actually a legislation which could allow fishing tours.


My father who had the idea, started after that year to make this goal true, and he was issued a state permission for fishing tourism, and that’s how the ‘Giorgaros Fishing Tours’ was born in 2016, and we were actually the fist business in Santorini that made the fishing tours reality and take the tourists legally on a fishing tour with our family’s traditional wood-made fishing boat, which is actually a part of our tradition and we kept it simple and authentic in order the tourists could experience the real Greek traditional fishing process, which is a part of our culture and traditions.


Travel in Greece: Many people think of yous job as privileged and fun to do. Is that really the case?

Anthi: Yes, it is. After a long day on board, I may feel tired, but the energy I get from this job is tremendous. The positive vibes and feedback I get from the tourists who participated on the day’s tour, is the most important thing in the world. Nothing can really overcome that. Especially, the kids enjoy the whole tour and their faces are full of joy and excitement. Yesterday, there was a group of 12 kids on board and I was happy to convey to them the joy of fishing and they will keep this memories for ever. For a few hours of the day, the kids won’t need any laptop or pc games.. Just fishing and real holiday!  This is actually an additional reason for them to love Greece even more and we love to see them coming back again and again. Moreover, it’s amazing how all different people on the boat with different nationalities, become friends and they keep contact after the tour is finished. Isn’t that great?

Of course, our job is not always easy and fun. My crew and I face some difficulties as well. A day before the tour, we have to make all the necessary pre-work, such as: throw the fishing nets in the sea regardless the weather conditions, so the next day everything will be ready for the tour. There’s also the preparation we do to promote our business to the public (hotels, internet etc) and this requires a lot of time as well.

Travel in Greece: Our Guide distinguished your company for the very succesful presence on the technology field as well, like mainly the internet. This shows that you as a young woman, have realized the necessity of the technology, even for a traditional business like yours.

Anthi: Yes, we have to adopt to new technology and to keep up to the latest trends especially on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean we should lose our authenticity and traditions.  Sure, the most popular way to get bookings for my business is via the internet, when people can easily send us their bookings or questions. It’s nice to combine something so traditional, with modern technology.


Travel in Greece: What services do you provide to your customers on a fishing tour?

Anthi: Besides the traditional fishing we do on board, we first of all give our customers the chance to go sightseeing for this 5-hour tour. Some of the most geologically impressive landscapes and beaches are on our route on our tour, which that wouldn’t be easy for them to visit by land. The route we are following is on the South part of Santorini, which is the landscape that was formed from the last explosion of the volcano, like the Red Beach, the White beach, and the Black beach all along our way.  We explain to our guests things about some historical facts of the island as we proceed along the coastline.

We also provide sea masks, flippers for those who want to swim during the tour.  We cook the fish that we catch and this is the freshest sea food our guests have ever tasted. Everyone literally feels like a real fisherman at that time, as everything is happening in real time.

Finally, we arrange a pick-up transportation from our guests’ hotel to Vlychada harbor, where our meeting point is for the tour. This is very helpful for the tourists because we do not charge for this.


Travel in Greece: Closing our interview, Travel in Greece would like to congratulate you for your big effort in providing a genuine, alternative type of tourism in Santorini, as we believe that success is not always about spending a lot of money, but it requires love and care for your business.
Anthi: I will agree with everything you said, however I would like to say that even a fishing boat requires a lot of expenses and money to keep it safe and reliable. A little piece of spare can cost a lot of money if we need to replace it or fix it.  In every business there is always a risk, but when there is a will and love for our job, everything seems so much easier.
I would like to invite everyone on Santorini island and to Giorgaros Fishing Tours for a unique Greek experience. Live like a fisherman for a few hours with us!