Best Restaurants on Kos island

Best Restaurants on Kos island

Planning a trip to Kos island, Greece? Travel in Greece business tourism guide is giving you the latest trends, recommendations on where to find the best and affordable restaurants on this beautiful and cosmopolitan island.

Our Guide travels to Kos quite often and besides the obvious reasons of why we love Kos (beaches, friendly people, beautiful landscapes), below we are presenting the best businesses we always visit or stay at, while in Kos. We include the best restaurants on the island as a first-hand experience. Bon Appétit!



Perhaps the most delicious seafood we have ever tasted in recent years. The restaurant is traditional, run by a super friendly family and the location is just fantastic! You can literally eat by the sea, right on the Town’s main beach, next to the harbor of Kos.
The place is famous throughout the island but also very famous to many tourists who visit the restaurant as groups from other countries and from Bodrum, Turkey which is very close to Kos town. We were very lucky to be at Kalymnos restaurant on an evening that the hosts had prepared one of their famous nights with live Greek music and traditional dancers!  The experience was absolutely fantastic.  If you want to experience the whole Greek experience with plenty of fresh good food, dancing and great views, then Kalymnos Restaurant should definitely be on your list.
Tip: Ask Mama Eleni to recommend to you some of her delicious homemade recipes and desserts.


Blue Note Restaurant (Kardamena area)
Whether you stay in Kardamena or just visiting this area
 of Kos, you need to know where to have a fresh, quality yet affordable food. Blue Note Restaurant is located on the main street of the harbor of the town, so it’s very easy to find.
The owners, Kostas and Giannis, are really helpful and eager to assist you and keep you satisfied.  We loved the variety of the food at the Blue Note, the beautiful decoration, and the fantastic terrace with that views to the sea and the full moon on that evening!  The fish and spaghetti were fresh, the salads were great too and the portions were big!  Delicious Greek and Mediterranean food and great views.. What else to ask for?
Tip: Reserve a table on the terrace of the restaurant and enjoy the romantic view with candles and wine!


Just 2 km from the center of Kardamena center, we discovered one of the most relaxing places to sit and have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a lot of good beer!
Big Mike’s place is both a restaurant and a bar, right next to some of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the area, like Mitsis Blue Dome Hotel, Akti Palace etc.
Located right next to the beach, the views are awesome, and the outdoor space is huge and green.  There is also a playground for kids and that makes it perfect for bringing your little kids along with you.
Gabriel, the owner, is a really friendly person and he really enjoys his job. Big Mike’s has a huge indoor space too with big TV screens with Sports playing on. If you are a sports fun and you need a place to relax while having lunch or drinks, then this is the best choice we recommend on the whole island!
Tip: If you are a nature-lover, at Big Mike’s, the views to the high mountains of the area is just fantastic on the back of the restaurant, while you can watch the waves on the front.

If you are in Kos, don’t miss to visit Kefalos, one of the most beautiful places on the island. The area is famous for its long sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters. We were excited to visit Antonio’s Beach Restaurant in Kefalos area, since we had heard so many good reviews about that place. We were not disappointed for sure!  This is one of the most privileged restaurants on the whole island, because of its unique position exactly on the fantastic beach with great views to the famous island of ‘Kastri’.
Antonios Restaurant is a part of the premises of ”Sacallis Inn Beach Hotel” and it is open for everyone.  Next to the restaurant, there is a beautiful swimming pool, and a beach bar where drinks, coffee are served as well all day and night.
The food was so good that we immediately listed the place as one of the best restaurants on Kos island without second thoughts.
Tip: Have your camera with you when you visit Antonio’s Beach Restaurant. The views are breathtaking while you enjoy that great food!
Efkalipty Restaurant (Kos town, Lambi)
Walking a few meters from the end of the road in Lambi beach, we found Lakis and his beautiful traditional restaurant, on one of the most beautiful roads in Kos town area, with eucalyptus trees and shade from the warm summer sun. The restaurant has kept its traditional and simple style, the recipes are delicious and don’t miss the roast lamb, which is famous for all demanding customers. The decoration is like a traditional Greek yard with a well and lots of decorative features around. Ask Lakis for the menu of the day!